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I had my 2009 Nightster Dyno tuned by a master

Louie is a Master tuner, DynoJet Tuning Center, and DynoJet testing center. Third weekend of the month he can be found at Willow Springs Raceway here in SoCal tuning EVERYONE!

This video is the final magic. The pulls are done in 5th gear and you'll hear he does the entire tune under a load, (which is why you'll see the RPM's stay high because when both his hands are on the computer I'm holding the throttle to keep the bike from stalling).

Final numbers = 85.07 ponys and 79.05 ft lbs torque - this is no shit.
AFR stays solid throughout the curve between 13.8 and 14.1
Total tuning time was about two hours.

Chris Pahl - May 22, 2011

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